Teamspotlight: Kha Do (Communications & Media Specialist)

Having a Team to support the needs of a growing business is integral to its success. New Age Communications facilitates businesses with services that range from market research, strategic planning, technology & social media care, event & administrative support, to branding and imprinting. Partnering with a company throughout a range of activities allows seamless transitions and the ability to build a strong, consistent brand. What makes NAC great is the ability to capture the skills needed to make possibilities a reality. Our strength is our Team. Over the next few months, we’d like to take some time to introduce the people who keep our Team moving.



One of our newest members, Kha Do, a local photographer and our own Communications and Media Specialist, is the liaison between client needs and the team. He is your concierge to all of the inter-working of NAC with his advance technical and creative knowledge. He also assists with the creative media produced by NAC. In our effort to help you get to know us, we asked Do a few questions about his professional aspirations and personal life.




NAC Blog: What are your hobbies?

Do: When I'm with my wife and dog I enjoy traveling and photographing our adventures. I also enjoy writing music, cooking, and styling creative portrait shoots for weddings and engagements.

NAC Blog:  What are your goals at NAC?

Do: One of the challenges I have accepted is to build NAC's Visual and Audio production. We’d like to offer added visual and audio services to clients such as videos and commercial photography in the near future. Another goal for me is to strengthen our internal structures of communication. The multi-faceted services that NAC offers can really challenge our team as project due dates collide. I can bring fresh eyes into the process and improve process flows. Finally, my goal would be to roll out the NAC re-brand process by May. NAC has been working hard to polish its image and I want everyone to see the value of NAC with utmost clarity, so I've been helping with the development of the new website and many of the internal marketing strategies.

NAC Blog: How does NAC stand out from competitors?

Do: NAC is the first of its kind that I have seen. NAC is an assembly of entrepreneurs, artists, researchers, communicators, and altruists. A firm of this diversity means it is constantly growing and changing. NAC doesn't just offer one genre of services; it is a host for innovation and opportunities. In other words, NAC is not just a Jazz radio station; it's a concert hall that hosts a variety of artists and genres of music. So as a company partners with NAC and grows, so do we. For instance, a company may need a rebranding campaign. What makes NAC stand out is that we don't just offer that business a new look externally; we have the tools and resources to conduct market research which can transform operations internally and even assist in the roll out. When that same company expands and needs further support, NAC can easily facilitate the expansion so its business doesn't miss a beat.

NAC Blog: What do you see in the future of the communications/marketing field?

Do: I think smaller, diverse businesses like NAC will one day be no longer limited to a local market, but a global market. Designers and artists will find a huge opportunity for employment, as communications and marketing is not just a field for those with communications and business degrees any longer. I also think the ability to tell good stories will dominate the industry.

It is our hope that meeting the Team will give you a better understanding—not only of our services—but the type of creativity, passion and quality that we bring to your business. If your business has event needs or is looking for an injection of creative new energy, Connect Forward—Connect with NAC.