In the Age of Digital Marketing, Print Is Not Dead

In the fast-paced world of technology where information is at the touch of a screen, print marketing may seem like a dinosaur. Quite the opposite is true.  

In fact, with so many companies focused primarily on digital marketing, print can make you stand out among the crowd. Collateral like brochures, flyers, postcards, mailers and coupons are still tried and true ways to reach a large number of customers and prospects at a reasonable cost.   


The MarketingProfs article, “Six Common Print Marketing Myths Debunked,” makes the case for direct mail: “On the Internet, there is an unlimited amount of content to distract the audience from your brand; meanwhile, with direct mail marketing, there is a smaller pool of competition and thus you have a greater chance of connecting with the audience long enough to make a conversion.” Research shows that direct-mail response rates have increased 14% since 2004. 

Research also shows that most people prefer to read on paper than on screen. It’s easier to flip back and forth between pages for one thing. For another, we tend to recall information better from printed materials. (Schools still use textbooks for that reason.) Users tend to scan digital content, while they will read something more thoroughly if it’s printed in hard copy.   

Plus, print is easier on the eyes. Reading on digital screens for extended periods of time leads to eye strain, back or neck problems and difficulty sleeping.  

And don’t underestimate the power of touch, smell and hearing. Holding something in our hands while we are reading engages multiple senses, improving retention and bringing the subject matter into the “real” world.  

Forbes magazine, in “Print is Dead? Not So Fast,” found that print is often viewed as more credible than online content: “The saturation of digital pop-ups and banner ads on the web can be overwhelming and the fear of spam and viruses is enough to make people wary of clicking.” Studies show that more than half of consumers find print to be the most trustworthy form of marketing. 


Most surprisingly, print is more popular among millennials than older generations because it feels nostalgic to them. According to the Washington Post, “Textbook makers, bookstore owners and college student surveys all say millennials strongly prefer print for pleasure and learning.”  

Any strong marketing strategy will leverage both digital and print Communications to spread the good word. NAC provides printing services for all your marketing materials, from business cards to trade show banners. Let us integrate a print marketing strategy with your digital presence to ensure the highest rate of return.