What Project Management Means to You

The Association for Project Management defines project management as “the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives.”  

Um, what? Could that be any more vague?? 

To add insult to injury, a 2012 Fast Company article, “What the Hell is Project Management Anyway?” calls project management “everything and nothing all at once.” 

Alrighty then. We get it. Project management is a generic buzzword that doesn’t mean much to most people.  

The truth is, project managers like NAC didn’t exist 20 years ago. Being so new to the party, it’s no wonder we’re misunderstood. 

We speak three languages — marketing, research and support. We are your single point of contact for sourcing all sorts of cool, professional talent across the globe — writers, bloggers, digital gurus, designers, videographers analysts and consultants!

We assist you with defining, scoping and recruiting the necessary talent to ensure your project takes flight, on schedule and within or below budget! Every time!

Think of our project management team as a “department for hire.” We offer full-service support from start to finish, right up until your next initiative! You bring the ideas, we’ll fetch the talent and get it done!

What we do, at our core, is we partner with our clients on the process. The details. Who is doing what and when.  

See, when we say project management, we’re not talking about telling our clients how to do their jobs. Instead, we support their vision so that when they need to step away to focus on serving customers, their marketing, research and support projects can still sustain themselves and deliver results.  

Have you or your team ever struggled to manage multiple vendors on a project that may have gone much smoother if there had been one single point of contact to plan, execute and track progress? That’s exactly the kind of situation where a project manager could step in and save the day.  

From conception to completion, we bring the focus. We bring the structure. We bring the accountability.  

Sounds great, right? So what does it mean? What “projects” do we manage?

Say you need a sensational visual presence at a major trade show, and you need boots on the ground to promote your wares. From idea to execution, we’ll design the booth, banners, supplemental materials and a day-to-day strategy so you’ll get the most out of your trade show experience. 

What about if your company’s brand has grown stale? We’ll design and implement a cohesive marketing strategy that will bring it back to life. We’ll elevate your brand awareness across all platforms for maximum audience engagement — from logo graphics to website content to the latest trends in social media. 

How about visual media? Say you need a professionally produced video to showcase your newest product or service. All the way from scripting to voice talent to editing, NAC will manage all facets of digital production to ensure your video sends the right message.  

What about customer insights? A survey or other data collection project that gauges customer satisfaction can be time-consuming and cumbersome. We are experts at researching, designing and managing surveys from start to finish, ensuring a high response rate and no bias in the results.  

Say you need help behind the scenes in back-office management. Maybe your company’s sales have grown so quickly that your customer service is suffering. Rather than invest a lot of money in hiring and training more reps to answer calls in-house, our highly trained team is ready to answer your phones and represent your business with class and professionalism. We can design and administer a comprehensive customer service initiative that makes you look good. 

Now, we bet you want to know how we manage a project, right? 

Whether it’s a marketing, research or support project, our approach is always the same: we map out the scope of the project and desired outcomes, we use cloud-based collaboration tools to track tasks and progress, we implement a strong, knowledgeable project team with a fanatical attention to detail, and we develop a schedule that takes into consideration all the contingencies.   

NAC has the staff. We have the resources. We have the expertise to be a true partner with our clients on any project, ensuring the best results every time.  

Now, THAT’S project management. Any other questions?