NAC Client pulseM Helps Businesses Head Off Bad Reviews Before They Hit the Web

Every business, no matter the industry, has to deliver outstanding customer service to stay competitive and ultimately be successful. NAC also understands that, in service you can't  make people happy all the time. Even with the best intentions and every possible quality control measure in place, everyone makes mistakes from time to time.

In this world of instant exposure via the online superhighway, you could inevitably make a misstep that will lead to a negative customer review. It’s how you handle the negative feedback that can make or break online sentiment. One bad review can lead to a lot of lost business if you don’t address the problem quickly.

If you do get a negative review from an unhappy customer, respond online immediately, acknowledging the mistake and letting the person know you will do whatever it takes to find a solution. You should also reach out to the reviewer directly if possible.

Once the customer is satisfied, he or she may be willing to delete the bad review. Unfortunately, sites like Google Business Listings only allow the reviewer to take down what they wrote. The business can reply and hope that once the problem is solved, the reviewer will recant any negative feedback. But they can’t delete the review themselves.

An even better solution would be to head bad reviews off BEFORE they hit the Internet. NAC is proud to partner with a client who is doing just that with the launch of pulseM, a revolutionary new software that is changing the way customers give feedback. Not only is NAC providing call center support and marketing strategy services for this new app, we’ve also become of a big fan of the technology, so we want to share it with our readers!

Developed by Dallas-based technology leader Speetra and distributed by Diversity Resources Group, pulseM is reinventing the customer experience for companies that provide residential services like cable TV, phone, HVAC, roofing, appliance maintenance and more. The app is designed to avert negative online sentiment before it ever becomes a problem, all without inundating people with intrusive phone or e-mail surveys.  

Before any service call, the customer receives a text with the technician’s bio, profile and key reviews. Once the technician completes the job, pulseM’s campaign is sent to the customer through text or email. The customer is asked to leave verbal or written feedback, which is unique. Most similar tools only ask for feedback in the form of clickable surveys.

pulseM's cutting-edge customer engagement platform leverages the combined power of text messaging alongside a patented speech technology to deliver a fast, natural and fun experience for the customer. Since the engagement takes place on their mobile device, the whole interaction can take less than 45 seconds, boosting participation rates dramatically and providing a greater wealth of customer sentiment intelligence for the business.

The pulseM software logs and categorizes positive, neutral and negative feedback. It uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze emotions in both the spoken and written responses. If the feedback is positive, the customer is automatically redirected to the company’s social media pages and asked to rate or review their experience right there. Negative reviews are sent to business owners or supervisors via email or text so they can mitigate issues quickly.

“We’ve all experienced the scourge of endless survey requests for things we've bought. As a company, we found ourselves using the very strategy when engaging homeowners that annoys us most as consumers. With pulseM, we saw an opportunity to change that dynamic. The platform has completely revolutionized the way we engage homeowners before, during, and after their experience,” said Chris Zazo, Founder and CEO of Aspenmark Roofing & Solar, a recent adopter of the PulseM product.

“Participation is up, we’re garnering more online reviews, which helps boost our online search rankings, and were maintaining our reputation as a trailblazer in the roofing industry, which also helps us attract new homeowners,” Zazo added.

No business is perfect, so mistakes will always happen. We feel like our job at NAC is to not only help our clients promote themselves and get more business, but also to be a resource for the latest marketing and customer services tools.

From our perspective, pulseM is a great way to head off problems before they are broadcast over online channels for all the world to see. We hope you’ll check out the website for more information about the app and to find out how it might help you do business better. Visit