7 Tips To Crush Your Next Survey Data Goals


“Regardless of size or industry, businesses need information to evaluate their standing, identify areas for growth, formulate strategy, improve performance and stay on top of customer satisfaction.” Says NAC Vice President and Production Administrator, Darbie Britt.

When conducting a survey, it is important that your turnout matches the data that you need. To make this possible, NAC has robust outreach strategies to entice as many participants as necessary. Through phone, email and social media, we make sure to access as many potential respondents as possible to ensure a diverse response across the boundaries of age and socioeconomics.  

7 tips to ensure your next survey is a huge success: 

1.     Rule of 3.  Use a minimum of three outreach strategies when boosting engagement.  We recommend email, phone and social media as top options.

2.    Survey Immediately.  Why put it off until after the event? Event surveys using NAC’s   trademarked R.A.R.E. technology guarantees improved response rates.  Start getting responses right then and there - don't wait until people have gone home. Administer your event surveys while you have a captive audience!

3.    Up Your Social Media Game.  Share your survey across your social media outlets by posting a link or email for more information.

4.    Be Strong, Simple, and Consistent.  Strong, simple, and consistent communication is essential.  Use the same language and graphics in the initial email, social media post or follow-up phone script.   Clear communication is key. 

5.    Be Ready For Questions.  Include FAQs to answer any questions that might be a barrier to participants completing your survey. Typical questions revolve around survey confidentiality, use of data, and who should take your survey. Have answers for these!

6.    Gifts! Lots of Gifts.  Regardless of how the survey is conducted, what’s in it for the customer should be obvious. It can be a small trinket, access to data or entry into a larger drawing.  What you offer, be sure it shows appreciation for their participation.

7.     Make It Fun.  Make it fun. In today's digital age you can engage your audience with all sorts of engaging graphics and online competitions.  We call it "gamification."  Turn it all in to one big game.

Britt assures that the survey process should be simple. “Companies need to focus their efforts on what they do best. Few businesses have an internal team that specializes solely in information gathering. That’s where NAC can conveniently augment their team and arm the company with the data needed to get, or stay, in front.”

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