Ch-ch-changes: 2016 Is A Year of Transition for NAC


Today’s world is powered by change. By forward momentum. By the ability to adapt.

During our 11-year history, NAC is proud to have been the engine behind many significant, positive changes for our clients. But we’ve come to realize that we’re kind of like the mom who spends so much time taking care of her kids that she neglects herself. It’s time to apply the formulas that work so well for our clients to our own business.

1. Learning from Our Stumbles so We Don’t Completely Fall Down

The past year has served as a good reminder that change can be hard, but it’s necessary. And sometimes it happens whether we like it or not.

We’ve had major staff shifts in our team. Yes, we’ve seen a lot of new faces, specifically millennial workers. For a while, we had a companywide bet going on who would be the next person under 30 to quit. (Not really, but we thought about it!)

All joking aside, we’ve learned that millennials have different needs and expectations in order to stay engaged with their work than past generations. Not all, of course — we currently have several millennials on staff who defy stereotypes and bring remarkable skills and enthusiasm to our team.

Just like any business, we’re learning to adapt our culture to the changing needs of the work force. So, while we work on better understanding the new generation, we’ve decided to stop beating our heads against the wall and revise our business model.

2. Committing to Doing Things Differently

No, our business model wasn’t broken. It has served us well for a long time. But it was clear that some of our old ways had gotten, well, old. And if we intend to outpace the competition, we’ve learned we need to keep it fresh. So, we’ve augmented our existing approach to encompass both an employee and partnership model. We see it like this: we’re creating a dual-stability framework that works from the inside out and the outside in.

What that means is, instead of hiring more full-time staff, we’ve decided to expand and deepen our relationships with external resources. We’ve always relied on freelance contractors to supplement our services, but now we are going to be more deliberate in how we position those assets.

This year, we are working on developing deeper strategic partnerships — with professional writers, photographers, videographers, event coordinators and many other consultants. Aligning NAC with experts in their respective fields makes us a stronger player in the game, which means we can be an even more formidable force on the field for our clients. But rest assured that we never hand over a job and completely walk away. Both NAC and our partners are equally invested in the outcome of each and every project.

3. Doing What We Do Best: Marketing

Speaking of investing in the outcome, we’re going to spend a good portion of 2016 investing in ourselves. We are a project management firm that specializes in telling stories. We love to spread the good word. And who doesn’t enjoy spreading good words about themselves?!

NAC is fantastic at marketing our clients’ messages, but we don’t always take the time to do it for ourselves. That changes now.

Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks. We’re gearing up to go on tour!

Coming to a city near you – and soon! #naccapabilitytour16