Boutique Call Centers

The rise of call centers made receiving and managing large volumes of calls from existing and potential customers more manageable. The problem that many call centers still  face  however,  is ensuring a quality customer experience with each call transaction. New Age Communications (NAC) facilitates both the volume and quality needs, by providing immediate solutions that are service-based and customizable. We offer flexibility, reduced hold times and a U.S.-based presence, which creates an overall improved customer experience.

We view our unique approach to implementing call centers as a “Boutique” service. While the technology used to operate a call center may not always vary from customer to customer,  processes will. Our goal is to ensure the caller's first interaction through the call center is so closely matched to the client’s customer care practices that they never know they’ve reached a call center. Essentially, NAC's call center becomes an extension of the client's day-to-day operations, ensuring seamless transactions for all calls. 

NAC is often requested to design custom call-handling mechanisms that mirror a client’s internal business culture yet allows it to facilitate more complex matters than a traditional call center. For one of NAC’s healthcare clients, ensuring emergent healthcare calls are sent to the appropriate physician or nurse is an absolute necessity for quality patient care. NAC takes this transaction an extra step to monitor the response time and ensure it is addressed within the period allotted by the primary client. Should a request remain unanswered, NAC works directly to expedite the matter until it is completed.

Call Center Communications Manager, Christy Fowler, says of NAC’s services, “Instead of having one large call center that serves many clients, we offer teams that are dedicated to each client, which fosters a more intimate work rapport. This is beneficial to our clients because it provides teams that can grow with them and an improved knowledge base for their clientele."

The service possibilities are growing. As opportunities increase, NAC is able to expand—meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base. CEO Tawana Bain reflects upon the direction she sees for NAC’s boutique call center services, “I see NAC as a strategic partner in niche areas such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Our desire is to provide specialized skills and "big data" to these industries. Thus eliminating their need to seek out skilled personnel with unique  qualifications. They can acquire the desired skills, call center support and industry data with just one call. The ultimate goal is to become a global niche call center provider.” 

Fowler agrees. “The medical communication field is where NAC’s expertise currently lies. Our main challenge will be staying competitive. The same quality that attracts customers to us— a U.S. based Call Center workforcewill be rigorous to maintain while providing global services will be no easy feat."

An innovation and approach that serves a company like NAC well with this challenge is the ability for many of the call center representatives to work remotely. Not having to pay for vast office space, the increased availability of fast internet, mobile phone services, and the virtual elimination of long distance calling fees are only a few of the benefits we hope will aid us in our approach. “The future of communications is not tied to a desk,” says Bain. 

According to Fowler, the remote Call Center model is not affected by the issues of weather, power, or Internet outages in the same way that a brick and mortar call center would be—making down time rare. NAC can provide 24/7 customer care. Should a major outage occur in one area, operators in another area could continue support of the client’s calls. 

Having a non-traditional work environment increases the reach that NAC has with professionals in many disciplines, across nations, and with varying competencies thereby increasing the richness of the service. “NAC has already mastered the remote work force and I definitely see more call centers following this path.  Remote work forces that are as productive as those working in an office will help vendors cut costs and provide greater savings to their clients,” says Fowler. Our call center team members like it too!

Companies seeking the services of NAC should rest assured they will receive a high quality of service. Bain shares, “Some call center services just throw agents in a room to take calls without defined processes, adequate training, thorough logistics, or administrative finesse. People come to us when they feel their call handling needs improved process flow or more personalized customer service. At NAC, we treat our clients like part of our team and our client’s customers like our own.”

Having successfully served multiple industries—software, healthcare and insurance—Bain is confident in her team and wants her clients to feel the same way. 

Call center support was the first service in NAC's portfolio suite. Due to customer demand for research and various other marketing support functions, the call center business model evolved and overtime NAC became a full service marketing support services firm, however our call center services will always be our sweet spot. 

Customers will be in good hands. We do what we say and say what we mean. When NAC chooses to take on a client or project it is because we know we can manage it and provide excellence in service.