Spread the Promotional Love... In the Office

Spread the Promotional Love... In the Office

Well, let's be honest — of course workplace love blossoms with your work family, especially when you spend 9 or more hours together in a given day! So with that much togetherness in the office, why not let them fall in love with your brand too? Who doesn't love a free gift? Whether it's a picture frame, portable charger or monogrammed business card holder, don’t you want your company’s logo there for everyone to see? Whether on their desk, in their hands or in their wallet...stay visible and eventually they'll give you your first dance. Click the picture below to read our blog and watch the video on just how much impact the love of promotional items has on your brand: YES- Spread the promotional romance and let the love happen...In the office.

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This week, NAC IMPRINT is focusing on your brand and your employees.

"Healthier employees build healthier relationships in all areas of life including their customers."

Our philosophy is three-fold:

1) Employee Engagement - Gifts, gestures of appreciation, and investments into your employees health and wellness shapes the culture of your business.

2) Brand Ambassadors - Your office culture is your brand. Your employees are the loudest voices for your business, so what you put in, is what you'll put out.

3) Influential Customer Experiences - The culture that you shape for your employees will overflow into your customer experiences.

So why not start now. For a limited time, NAC has hand-selected some imprint products that not only puts your business everywhere, it is sure to create a healthy and fun atmosphere for your employees. During this week there is NO SET-UP COST! Save Money and Shop Now! (Expires 5/5/15).  Additionally we will be hosting games and ideas for your company to earn 10% of your purchases.


RULES: Set up a treasure hunt in the office with clues to guide your team along the way. Break your staff members into teams - X marks the spot! ORDER YOUR WINNER PRIZES NOW! 

BONUS: Post your gaming experience on our Facebook, pictures, videos and we will give you 10% off of your order. Its like getting paid to have fun! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!