Teamspotlight: OJ Oleka (Director of Operations)

New Age Communications celebrates the addition of our new Director of Operations, OJ Oleka. Joining the team in June of this year, Oleka has adapted quickly and hopes to continue helping NAC expand its brand, dominating the fields of boutique marketing and support services. We quizzed Oleka to discover more about his background and his hopes for NAC.

NAC Blog: What are your goals at NAC? 

Oleka: To make NAC as profitable, efficient, and successful as possible. I do that through the sexy job of managing our operations and processes. I'm the guy who makes sure the trains run on time. We offer some incredible services and we have legit talent on our team. I want to share that with the world.

NAC Blog: How does NAC stand out from competitors?  

Oleka: How do bold colors stand out among faded pastels? NAC helps companies rid themselves of critical yet cumbersome responsibilities. We offer premium support in back-office administration, brand recognition and redesign, and event promotion. We help our customers do less work so they can enjoy more playtime in creating and developing the product/service they love. We're like a "department for hire." We seamlessly connect into the company we work with and we move their business forward. What makes us special is that we offer all of these services (and many more) with class, flare, and a bit of flavor. Less Work. More Play. Connect Forward. That's our motto.

NAC Blog: What are your hobbies? 

Oleka: Currently, I spend a lot of my time reading and wedding planning. I'm getting married next September to the most perfect human being ever. She's the best. I'm extremely lucky. I'm also a big political junkie and I try to exercise regularly.

NAC Blog: What experiences shaped you into the person you are today? 

Oleka: College was critical for me. I think I really used that time to test out my leadership ability and develop my interests and passions. The most important life experience, without question, was my time teaching in north city St. Louis through Teach For America. I taught middle school math for two years right out of college. All of my students were black. All of my students were poor; but boy were they rich with personality, character, drive, and desire. It was incredibly humbling and inspiring to see such fight in so many kids that the world has forgotten. They taught me a lot about black identity in America. Those experiences, couched in the history of my father's migration to the United States as a dirt poor villager from Nigeria, give me the belief that anything is possible with faith in Christ, hard work, and a little bit of access and luck.

NAC Blog: What is your educational background? 

Oleka: I have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and a minor in Political Science from the University of Louisville. I am currently enrolled in an MBA program at Bellarmine University.

NAC Blog: Tell us something that people probably don’t know about you? 

Oleka: I own only one pair of jeans and I'm a huge professional wrestling fan. Like I said, I really out kicked my coverage when I met my fiancée. I'm still trying to figure out how I tricked her into thinking I was cool at all.

NAC Blog: What do you see in the future for NAC? 

Oleka: Truthfully, I see us expanding our footprint in event promotions and brand redesign.  I meant what I said before: we have legit talent on our team. Watch and see what we do.

It is our hope that meeting the Team will give you a better understanding—not only of our services—but the type of creativity, passion and quality that we bring to your business. If your business has event needs or is looking for an injection of creative new energy, Connect Forward—Connect with NAC.