Case Study: Humana Take 10 Packaging

Humana recently launched a new wellness program called the Take 10 Challenge. It encourages Humana associates to engage in some of type of physical activity during their workday. Participants were asked to pledge just 10 minutes of their time for physical fitness or relaxation. Associates can choose from a variety of featured exercises at 3-10 minutes in length, ranging from high intensity workouts to breathing exercises. All fitness activities were to take place in associates’ cubicles or workspace without getting on the floor or changing into workout gear.

To encourage and reward participation, Humana planned to provide all those who signed up with a durable product that would be useful both during and after the challenge. The company also needed to outsource shipping services because not all participants would take part in the challenge at once. Durable packaging was required to ensure the promotional items weren’t damaged prior to or during shipping.

Humana initially approached NACImprint to produce T-shirts for the challenge, but a clothing item didn’t fit the program’s budget and also did not embody the message Take 10 was intended to convey. Humana needed a solution that would be especially useful in facilitating a healthy lifestyle and also serve as a reminder to associates to take 10 minutes out of their day for physical activity.

NAC was able to provide a useful, sturdy, logo-imprinted tumbler with an informational insert. This product can be carried with the participants throughout the day and used for refreshment after completing their 10 minutes of activity. NAC also provided durable, dynamic packaging that was ideal for safe shipping.